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– If you are an Individual Investor looking for secure storage for your precious metal products, please click on the “Sign Up “ button below.

– Storage at Citadel is fully insured and your assets are protected from physical loss, theft or damage.

– Storage at Citadel is always fully allocated to you and fully segregated from all other customers.

– Storage at Citadel is provided by Brink’s, a name that has been synonymous with secure storage and safety for more than 150 years.

– Opening a Citadel account is FREE. You do not incur any storage fees until you actually store precious metals in it.  There is no obligation to fund your account.


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– You may establish a Company Account, any number of Branch Accounts or exclude them entirely, Accounts for all Investment Advisors and Accounts for all of their individual clients.

– Citadel helps you maintain the AUM attributable to Precious Metals and helps your clients protect their valuable assets.

– Please fill out the requested information and a Citadel Representative will contact you within 2 Business Days.

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